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Written by on February 11th 2013

Allow us to introduce our customer of the week … Sharon!  This lady is lookin’ mighty fine in her sweet new Anne et Valentin Djakarta frame.

Sharon has been a friend of Eye Spy since 2003! She has a pretty awesome collection of frames and this one is the best since it was FREE! Sharon was the winner of our Mustache Contest this summer.

Sharon got the most “likes”  out of everyone that entered in our contest!
Thanks for being awesome and participating in our contest Sharon!
Congrats on being our customer of the week… you sure are as sweet as pie:-)

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We Mustache you a Question

Written by on June 12th 2012

We all love a good mustache and a sweet pair of glasses. Well, this Thursday at 12-7pm is when we bring the two together. Come and enter Eye Spy’s every first stash competition! Check out our Anne et Valentin trunk show and pop on a stash. We will snap a picture of you and your sweet stash with your new-found Anne et Valentin glasses…and put it to a vote on Facebook. The lucky winner will get a free pair of Anne et Valentin sunglasses!

Can you beat this stash?

Queen of Mustache

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