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Written by on August 28th 2014

It’s that time again, THURSDAY!!! Which, also happens to be Customer of the Week day! Meet Brooke, who once upon a time lived in Chicago, and then moved to DC, then traveled back to Chi-town to shop for glasses. Brooke tried and tried again to find glasses in DC but nothing lived up to Eye Spy. So back to Eye Spy it was for Brooke. After spending some time with the Specs Wrangler she settled on  Caroline Abram. Brooke scooped up two frames, although we only got a picture in one frame.



Brooke acutally insited a photo with the Queen of Specs. She even talked her hubby into getting a pair of glasses, who since he had never been here he got a referral discount! Brooke you look like a total babe in your new Caroline Abram frames! Thanks for the travels and tons of fun! We will see you when you want new frames!

Here’s a peek at her frames!

DARLING - CAROLINE ABRAM - The world of optical accessories and jewelry - Google_2014-08-14_14-56-02 SATYR - CAROLINE ABRAM - The world of optical accessories and jewelry - Google C_2014-08-14_14-57-00

We will see you next week at the same bat time and on the same bat channel for Customer of the Week!



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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on November 27th 2011
Our Customer of the Week is Matthew !

Matt’s very first pair from Eye Spy….
the Anne et Valentin Fiction Frame
Matt’s second fabulous pair of specs from Eye Spy…
the Theo Aphrodite frame
Matt’s third pair of specs…the Anne et Valentin Factory Two :-)

…and Matt’s newest pair of simply spectacular Theo Moser specs!
Matthew is a return customer who knows what he likes…color! So, when he found out about our annual Theo trunk show in November, he was ready for a simply spectacular new pair. He set his sights on these awesome Theo Moser frames and didn’t look back.  His eyes are perfectly centered in these glasses for a great fit.  The Tokyo tortoise, accented by a pop of tangerine, beautifully contrasts his dark hair…and his *big* grin tells it all!!!

Congrats, Matthew…you are our Customer of the Week!
Don’t forget that Eye Spy Optical accepts flex
dollarsWe are more than happy to help you
 find an awesome new pair of specs. 
Come in before time runs out!!!
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Written by on June 15th 2009
Congratulations to AMY, our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!

AMY chose these incredible ORANGE Anne et Valentin frames and ***wow*** do they look great on her! The orange frames make her eyes POP and SPARKLE. At Eye Spy, we love Anne et Valentin frames because their funky styles and interesting angles are so fun and bright. Especially these orange Anne et Valentin frames, they make Amy’s face light up!

Orange you glad we have orange Anne et Valentin glasses?!

Congratulations Amy, 1) on your awesome new Anne et Valentin frames and 2) for being our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!


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