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Fáilte to Siobhán! (or: Welcome to Siobhan!)

Written by on January 2nd 2014

Serina has left us for Austin, Texas with her husband and baby. . . but, on a happy note, we have a brand-new lady optician in the house!
Siobhan hails from Connecticut and brings 10 years (yes, ten years!) of optician experience with her! She is similar to Serina, in that they both look great in almost every frame that they try-on. Or at least in seems that way so far. Are we jealous? Maybe, but we’ll get over it.  Anywho, we are so lucky to have her joining our team…so let’s meet Siobhan:-)

We quized her a bit to help y’all get to know her a smidge…while she modeled Anne et Valentin Octet.

This cat lady has 4 cats, 14 pairs of glasses and only 2 pair of sunglasses!

What is your favorite thing in the world?

Your house is on fire! What three things do you save?
MY CATS! My boyfriend can get himself out, right?! And the heirloom jewelry that my parents gave me. 

What catches your eye at EYE SPY?
All the funky decorations! It looks like somewhere I would want to live!

If you could be any sea creature what would it be?
Do sea otters count? They are so cute! They sleep holding hands!

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I am afraid of needles. . . (mind you Siobhan is completely covered in tattoos, in her words: she has one big one).  

Do you have a hidden talent?
 I can make a mean vodka body scrub!

Swing in, grab some sale frames, and meet our new lady! We think she’s pretty great!