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Shop Local. Shop Lincoln: Sam & Willy’s!

Written by on May 5th 2015

In order to highlight our fellow independent small business owners on our stretch of Lincoln Ave., we asked our photographer, Dave Rentauskus, to take portraits of our comrades in our spectacular specs….along with a few shots of their shops.

Tom Daniels, owner of Sam & Willy’s

Tom is sporting a snazzy Dean frame by Canadian eyewear company, Rapp. They are known for their unique materials and cool shapes.

Tom is sporting a snazzy Dean frame by Canadian eyewear company, Rapp.

 Tom is the owner extraordinaire of Sam & Willy’s which is, in our opinion, the best pet shop around.   He is a long time animal lover, but when he and his lady added a dog who had some special nutritional needs to their family (they already had 2 cats), he realized that there weren’t any places where he could get what he needed for his pup.  So he did what many business owners do, and started the very business he had been looking for, a neighborhood pet store where people could get nutritious food and pet supplies, and a little advice from knowledgable staff.  He named the store after that dog, Sam, and his cat Willy.



Fun Facts About Tom:

How long have you been in business? 12 years

Who was your teenage celebrity crush? Farrah Fawcett

If you could be any animal, what would it be? Dolphin

Are you right or left handed? Right handed

What color are your eyes? Grey

Where did you grow up? Cleveland, OH

What hood do you live in now? Lincoln Square


Tom’s favorite part of owning Sam & Willy’s is helping people who come into his store looking for help with a particular issue that their pet is having, educating and connecting with  his customers.  He also loves being a part of the community, working with many of the local animal rescue groups.  His is not a shop where you feel like an anonymous shopper, Tom wants to work with you to make sure your pet’s needs are being met.

Sam & Willy’s will be celebrating its 12 year anniversary this Spring, so stop in, say hi and pick a treat for the furry animal in your life!

Sam & Willy’s   *  3405 N. Paulina St. Chicago Il 60657 *  773-404-0400


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