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"Theo’s out there living it up, doing a little earth shaking somewhere."

Written by on June 11th 2010
I, the Specs Therapist, have had a crush on Theodore Huxtable since I was five. So when I started working at Eye Spy and saw that there was a line named “Theo,” I was immediately lost in love. No matter that the name is pronounced “Tay-Oh,” or that the name represents an anagram of one of the designers, Patrick Hoet’s, last name. The name “Theo” always has and always will represent perfection to me.

So, what’s the deal with this eyewear line called Theo? Why do they make such funky glasses? And where the heck did they get the idea to make such unique frames and designs? Let me tell you:

Theo was founded by two opticians, Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet. They first displayed their designs at the Paris eyewear tradeshow, Silmo, in 1989.
Their designs represented new ideas in eyewear. Rather than being just a necessity, their designs turned glasses into works of art. And beyond that, they became a window for expression for glasses wearers, starting with the more adventurous and moving to a wide range of faces and personalities the world over!
Theo continued with their avant-garde aesthetic in their Eyewitness line. While the main Theo line maintained unique and creative designs, Eyewitness went the extra step. All eyewitness frames have an asymmetrical design and continue to push boundaries in eyewear. In a fashionable and flattering manner, I might add.
Theo continues to pursue their goal of creating new and exciting designs, partnering up with designers Cristoph Broich and Tim Van Steenbergen on sunwear lines. Theo designs keep surprising and delighting. It’s a love affair with no end in sight!

And do you know what?