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Written by on May 9th 2013

Introducing our Customer(s) Of The Week: Lisa and Frank!!

Keeping with the multiple COTW theme for the month of May, we’ve chosen to feature this super awesome husband/wife duo. Frank is rockin’ his tortoise RetroSuperFuture shades, while Lisa is making a statement with these kick-ass baby blue, wooden February 31st aviators.

This power couple just so happens to run Smog Veil Records, an independent record label based right here in Chicago. Not only do they distribute the traditional cd/dvd/vinyl media forms, they also work the digital route through iTunes and Napster. In addition to that cool fact, the company also has a green initiative, and its headquarters are powered by wind and solar energy.

Environmentally conscious AND stylish? How much cooler can they get?!

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Customer of the Week!

Written by on April 17th 2013

Presenting our Beautiful Customer of the week Querida…in her new sassy-pants Francis Klein Ginga frames!

Querida came in on a whim wanting frames that are as sassy as she is. Well, we sure did find them! We had a tough call between two frames but these ones really are perfect for her. Querida’s style and flair inspired our Specs Wrangler to get an asymmetrical haircut as well! Thanks for being so awesome Querida and being our sassy customer of the week!

Check out her frames up close. Love the frame but not the color? Don’t worry Francis Klein will make it almost any color of the rainbow!



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Customer of the Week!

Written by on March 13th 2013

Allow us to introduce Tracee, our beautiful customer of the week!

As a close friend of our Opticianista, Tracee has visited Eye Spy Optical many, many, many times….and every time she stops in to say hi, she tries on our simply spectacular specs. Of course. How can anyone resist? After almost going for a raspberry-colored pair of titanium Theos, Tracee changed course and went for these leopard-print Francis Klein Wing frames. She looks pretty darn sexy in these cat-eyes….but who wouldn’t?!

Tracee is quite the “jill of all trades” ranging from a killer hair dresser, makeup artist to a awesome painter. Are you  curious what her work looks like? (Come on, you know you are.) Check it out here.

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New Optician in the House!

Written by on February 7th 2013

We have a new lady in the house! Join us in welcoming Adrienne, our new Optical Chanteuse!! We are stoked to have another curly-haired gal join the team!


We asked Adrienne a few questions just so everyone could get to know her a little better before you let her pick out your new dreamy glasses.

What catches your wee eye at Eye Spy?
Um…. the rad ladies I now get to work with. Seriously.

What is your favorite thing in the entire world?
CHOCOLATE!  It makes everything okay.

If your house was on fire what would you save?
My Cat, Ophelia, my phone….and my Lucky brand boots.

What is your fave role you played?  (Side Note: Adrienne is an actress, in case you didn’t catch that.) 
Jenny Diver, from Three Penny Opera.

Why make the move to Chicago?
Wanted to live in a big city that wasn’t too big. I wanted to be surrounded by arts and culture.

What do you do in your free time?
If I am not in a show…..usually trying to catch up on some quality Hulu time with my man.


Adrienne is currently obsessed with the Visionary frame by RVS. We can’t wait for everyone to meet our brand-spankin’ new optician. Come on in and let her sing you a song.

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New Year. New Line. Welcome RVS by V.

Written by on January 15th 2013

We are so pumped to welcome RVS by V into our little Eye Spy family of awesome  eyewear. RVS  is a line unlike any other, and the very first eyewear company to be based out of Istanbul, Turkey. The line started in 2006 and is going strong with a beautiful selection of matte  colors. Each frame is hand made and fits right in to their vision for “quality eyewear built to last a lifetime.”

Vidal Erkohen, founder of RVS, started in eyewear by supplying eyewear boutiques, runway shows and some celebrities with vintage eyewear. Erkohen then founded RVS with the goal of bringing back the originality and quality of vintage eyewear.

We are over the moon with his collection and the wide range of matte colors the frames come in! Here is just a few samples of what our new line looks like.

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Written by on December 31st 2012

Check out our new friend Gina. She is rock’in it, in her brand sparkly new Francis Klein Help frames! Gina fell in love with these frames, came back to visit them weekly, now they are finally hers!

Gina is going to be the coolest instructor on campus. Who wouldn’t love an art history lecture with this lady? Just to add some bonus cool points, she also is a roller derby skater! Congrats on being our customer of the week Gina! You look so awesome in your new Francis Klein Help glasses!

Check out the sweet details on this frame. Cat-eye-ed and sparkly what more do you want?

Note: These lovely Francis Klein frames can be custom ordered in a seemingly endless variety of colors and decor.


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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on August 11th 2012

Our Customer of the Week is Vanessa!

Wow…Vanessa looks just darling in her new Francis Klein specs.  She works as a hairdresser at Wicker Park’s Art + Science and now she’s as hip as her hairstyles!  We love this brand new Francis Klein model, Wing, because of it large viewing area and vintage feel.  With all of the sparkle, Vanessa will definitely stop traffic!

Congrats, Vanessa, you are our Customer of the Week!!!








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Customer of the Week!

Written by on June 21st 2012

Our Customer of the Week is Claire!

We love how fun these Francis Klein frames look on Claire, she can really rock them!  She has been a fan of Eye Spy since 2001 and she is definitely not afraid of a color.  The turqoise blue is fabulous with her ice blue eyes and the crystals give them just the right amount of sparkle.  Claire, we could not resist making you…Customer of the Week!!!

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Do you have Double VisiOn???

Written by on October 18th 2011
It’s so much fun when our customers buy the same frames that we personally own!  Barbara just picked up these retro Theo frames in beautiful green texture which Serina currently has in luscious plum/periwinkle.

Susie and Alissa have been friends since they were in fourth grade and BFFs must have the same glasses!  Since Francis Klein frames are customizable…they both picked out the same model with totally different colors/decorations.  It matches each of their personalities perfectly!!!  
Zenia is attracted to bold colors and is always willing to take risks.  I got a pair of matte geranium red  Theos only a couple of months ago…and I was so excited when Zenia decided on the same pair.  It is surprising that two different people with polar opposite hair color can pull off the same glasses so well.
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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on October 9th 2011
Our Customer of the Week is Lauren!!!  Lauren is a singer/songwriter that visited us from sunny Los Angeles.  You may have heard one of her songs off the Pretty Woman soundtrack or during the Just Shoot Me credits.  She is one cool chick….

Lauren purchased this sparkling Francis Klein frame, Tatia, which is definitely fit for a rock star.  Francis Klein is a small company out of France that hand-makes their frames and also decorates them by hand.  This means that you can buy them as-is or have them custom-made.

Lauren chose to purchase a custom-made second frame – same model – in a leopard print.  Ooh la la, we can’t wait to see them!!!

Congrats, Lauren, you are our Customer of the Week!

p.s. you should totally check out Lauren’s website http://laurenwood.com/

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