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Customer of the Week

Written by on September 10th 2014

Congrats to Phyllis!!!


Phyllis has been coming to Eye Spy for years and years. Every time she buys a pair, she always gets so many compliments…or at least, that is what she tells us;-) When she saw this pair of Anne et Valentin frames, she was immediately drawn to it. This pair was part of a limited edition series of Anne et Valentin sunglasses. Only 25 sets were made for the whole wide world! (They are all gone, except for one lonely pair on our shelf!)


Originally, her green glasses were sunglasses, as are many of Phyllis’ previous pairs. Instead, we turned it into an everyday pair with XTRActive Transition lenses. Why are XTRActive Transitions different from the good ole Transitions that we normally use?

All day Transitions XTRActive lenses adapt to help protect your eyes from fatigue and strain caused by UV light and bright glare outdoors, and even activate behind the windshield.  Indoors they have a comfortable hint of tint to shield your eyes from strain caused by harsh indoor light.

Phyllis sells real estate, so she is in and out of her car all day, when she is not in front of the computer, or walking her three cute rescue dogs from her volunteer gig at PAWS. These lenses are a perfect solution…and she is getting even more compliments than ever on her glasses…or as she emailed us, “I am still accosted by strangers every day re: the glasses.”

Congrats to Phyllis and her pups!Phyllis_dogs

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Buongiorno from Milano!

Written by on March 13th 2013

We are very excited about all the new shapes, colors and lines that we discovered and ordered in Milan last weekend…while drinking espresso!

What’s in: bi-colored metal frames with pastels and gold, plastic and metal combination frames, colors from the 70’s and round frames!

So, here’s what we saw and loved…and will be receiving in the next few months:

and much more more!! We are off to NYC this weekend for the next trade show…and to make some final decisions! Stay tuned…

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New Doctor in Town!

Written by on October 7th 2012

Please allow me to introduce Dr. Deana Labrosse! We hired Dr. Deana because of her stellar optometry background & previous opticianry experience.  As a result, she knows how the prescriptions she writes will work with all of our new customized lenses. How nice. She also looks great in these Lafont Hype green frames:-)  What else could we ask for?!

We asked Dr. Labrosse some ice breaker questions so we could all get to know her a little better.

Why optometry ? The subject is so vast- eyes can tell a lot about systemic health and they are very important to quality of life. And…once the serious business is done, you get to have fun with glasses, especially at Eye Spy!!

Which patients do you enjoy working with the most? The nice ones! Seriously. Every patient has unique needs. It’s interesting to find the best way to help!

What area of optometry do you specialize in? Dry eyes and developmental disability patients.

Favorite movie? I have two favs: Forrest Gump and Waitress…check out the trailer for Waitress:-)

What’s your favorite season? Spring, because winter is OVER.

What do you do in your free time ? Not much… I have a newborn! I *do* play flute and love Ravinia.

And as it turns out, her favorite flavor of ice cream is the same as the Queen of Spec’s daughter (I guess that would make her the princess right?): Vanilla and mango!

Dr. Deana will be examining  peepers at Eye Spy on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so call us at 773.477.2670 to schedule an appointment *or* click here to go to our online scheduling at any hour of the day or night!  Welcome to Eye Spy, Dr. Deana!!

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