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And the customer of the week is….

Written by on November 14th 2013

Angela! Oh Angela, how we love you…and your sister’s great taste in glasses!

Angela fell in love with these Theo  Soixante-Deux frames….and had to have this beautiful tortoise and purple color, so we special ordered it for her:-) Theo frames are available in at least 8 different colors…and some frames are available in 20 different colors!! OMG.

Usually, we do not have all 8 colors in-store….
BUT, this Saturday the 16th, we are having a trunk show with every shape AND every color in the Theo  collection!! Don’t faint…just come in and try-on everything!

Angela’s sister, Ann, was our customer of the week this summer in her Francis Klein frames:-)

AND Ann purchased these Anne et Valentin frames in 2009…

Thanks for coming to Eye Spy for more than 10 years and letting us fit your beautiful faces:-) xox.

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Written by on May 24th 2013

Horray the sunshine of spring is finally here! Our customers of the week swung by and scooped up some awesome RetroSuperFuture Sunglasses.

Lori looks awesome in her new Supers! They have a vintage illustration of muscles on the inside!! Luke is traveling and needed some new sungless for his adventures! These two look awesome in their new RetroSuperFutures!

Thanks for being our Customers of the Week! You both look awesome!

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Written by on December 9th 2012

Check out these two adorable ladies in their sweet new frames. Miriam (on the left) is wearing her new Theo Dore frame, and Susan (on the right) is wearing her brand spankin’ new Anne et Valentin Fanzine frame.

They look so happy and awesome in their new-found frames…and who wouldn’t be?!

It’s hard to tell from this shot, but they both have blue frames. Miriam’s Theo frame keeps the blue a bit of a secret…unless you are tall and can see the top of her frame! Here is a closer look:


Congrats to Miriam and Susan on being our Customers of the week!

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Customerssss of the Week!

Written by on May 2nd 2012

Maria and Marcus look super snazzy in their new Anne et Valentin specs.  Maria couldn’t resist getting a pair when she saw how great Marcus looked in his new frames.  Now they’re ready to conquer the world!!!

Congrats, Maria and Marcus, you are our Customers of the Week!

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Customer of the Week!!!

Written by on November 27th 2011
Our Customer of the Week is Matthew !

Matt’s very first pair from Eye Spy….
the Anne et Valentin Fiction Frame
Matt’s second fabulous pair of specs from Eye Spy…
the Theo Aphrodite frame
Matt’s third pair of specs…the Anne et Valentin Factory Two :-)

…and Matt’s newest pair of simply spectacular Theo Moser specs!
Matthew is a return customer who knows what he likes…color! So, when he found out about our annual Theo trunk show in November, he was ready for a simply spectacular new pair. He set his sights on these awesome Theo Moser frames and didn’t look back.  His eyes are perfectly centered in these glasses for a great fit.  The Tokyo tortoise, accented by a pop of tangerine, beautifully contrasts his dark hair…and his *big* grin tells it all!!!

Congrats, Matthew…you are our Customer of the Week!
Don’t forget that Eye Spy Optical accepts flex
dollarsWe are more than happy to help you
 find an awesome new pair of specs. 
Come in before time runs out!!!
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Written by on October 18th 2009

Our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK this week will be joining the Eye Spy family real soon, well, kind of… MATTHEW is engaged to a lovely lady named Alex, a longtime customer of Eye Spy!

Matthew and Alex came in to the store last winter and tried on some awesome frames. Matthew kept these LAFONT frames in the back of his mind and as the wedding day got closer and closer, he found it was time to update his look before the big day!

It’s true that Alex has great taste in more than glasses!

Congratulations, Matthew, on being our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK and on your upcoming (just around the corner) wedding!

So many frames to choose from! Mark your calendar! The November Trunk Shows are just around the corner! Every Saturday in November we’ll be hosting a trunk show from several of our lines including Theo (November 7), Anne et Valentin (November 14), IC! Berlin (November 21), Francis Klein (November 21), Lafont (November 28). They’re going to bring the full collections including new styles you’ve never seen before!!! For once, you’ll be looking forward to November in Chicago!


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Written by on September 7th 2009

This week, our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK is onestyyyylish lady!

Check out these gorgeous Anne et Valentin frames on KAREN!!!

Isn’t it fantastic how she can wear such a bold frame and the first thing you notice is her sparkling blue eyes?! That’s why we love the designs of Anne et Valentin, they have a way of making a statement, while allowing the person wearing them to still look like their own beautiful and charming self.

So, Congratulations Karen! You’re our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!!!

Ch-ch-check it out! The Button-o-Matic is coming to Eye Spy! For the month of September the Button-o-Matic machine will be dispensing its limited-edition series of 24-karat gold buttons at Eye Spy! We will be having a celebration on Saturday, September 12 from 12-5pm… with Beer, Bagels, and a make-your-own Button Machine!


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Written by on July 21st 2009

Our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK this week is one of the most stylish guys I know! Noah chose some really really cool blue Swissflex frames and WOW do they look great!

Noah’s dad, Kevin, also got a pretty awesome pair of Persol sunglasses!

What a cool family, Swissflex frames and Persol frames in one house?! That’s what I call totally rad and super-fun.

Congrats to Noah on being our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK and congrats to Kevin for having such a cool kid!


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Written by on June 6th 2009


Sheldon came to us looking for a round tortoise frame a la William Gibson:

I’m William Gibson, I wrote Neuromancer.

We liked the inspiration of a round frame for Sheldon, but we knew he could pull off something a little bolder. He looks *great* in this frame from the Anne et Valentin Factory series.

makin’ Gibson jealous

Not only is this a great look, but the frame itself is nice and strong with reinforced hinges. The design of the frame is really special, with edges hand cut to give the sides multiple angles.

Great choice, Sheldon, and congratulations on being our CUSTOMER OF THE WEEK!

……don’t forget!…….

Stop by Saturday, June 13th for our Sunglass Trunk Show featuring the frames of Persol, Maui Jim, and IC!Berlin! We’ll have a party going from 11-5! Get your Dad a snazzy new pair of UV Blockin’ specs for Father’s day!!!


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