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T-Shirt & Veggie Stamping Workshop on Saturday!

Written by on April 8th 2013

The third weekend of our DIY Green Scene Series is: making t-shirt bags & then stamping designs on the shirts with veggies! Whew. That was a mouthful!

Let’s be real…we have all got enough plastic bags. Did you know that you can take all those pesky t-shirts you sort of love (or hate) and make them in to bags?! We followed these instructions and already made some bags for you:-) They will look like this:

Then, the next step is: take a bunch of cut-up vegetables, dip them into fabric paint (we chose a handful of fluorescent colors!), and then stamp the designs onto the the newly-created t-shirt bags! You will have a masterpiece that you can use everyday….after you let the bags dry for 72 hours, of course:-)


Swing on in this Saturday, April 20th from 12-4pm  and take a lesson from Bob Fields &  Zara Versten, the dad/daughter duo of the Queen of Specs!







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CD Upcycling Projects on April 13th!

Written by on April 1st 2013

As the second installment of our April Green Scene will be lead by our Queen of Specs. On April 13th at 12-4pm she will be holding a workshop on CD Upcycling. Remember the good ol’days when you would get those AOL cds in the mail?

Not that anyone gets those any more, but we’ve all got cds laying around that we either don’t use or are broken.  That’s where these projects come in. We will have a handful of CD Upcycling projects ranging from drums, tops, and a little bit of garden whimsy.

Hop on by and make something beautiful with our Queen of Specs, it’s sure to be a grand old time.

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April Green Scene

Written by on March 13th 2013

Okay. We know everyone is trying to get in on the action…but we REALLY do care about the Earth and have been doing anything and everything possible to be green for the past 15 years. Seriously.

What other small retail store has a compost bin, gives used packing materials away to neighboring businesses, never buys any paper, emails receipts, puts LED bulbs in its outdoor sign, and reprimands its employees when they use disposable cups from Starbucks? Huh?!?

Sooooo, this year we will be hosting a bunch of workshops at Eye Spy…from making seed bombs, to creating terrariums in ball jars. Stay posted for the schedule! When we get all of our ducks in a row, we will post the dates and times right here. We promise. If you have any suggestions, hopes or dreams for workshops, feel free to email us!

We can’t wait to see you;-)

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Bottle-cap Installation Success!

Written by on January 24th 2013

This week has been quite busy around Eye Spy! The highlight of our week so far has been this past Monday….believe it or not!? Who likes Mondays, especially when the high is around 5 degrees? Ack. Normally that would be our reaction too. However, this Monday  Mary Ellen Croteau and her hubby installed these bottle-cap beauties…making us fall in love with Monday, for one week only:-)













We won’t even try to lie, we all know the ladies of Eye Spy love us some color. Mary Ellen definitely brought it! Who knew that we needed more color in here? Mary Ellen created these pieces in stacks and then did some calculating to figure out the aesthetics of the columns. Her studio is full of caps, lids and tops…all sorted by color. People donate them to her or she even dumpster dives for some of them at her local recycling center. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle right?! We are looking forward to staring at these beauties for a long time! Oooh, aaah.

The columns look ever better in-person…and Mary Ellen just hung a grouping of 8 columns at the Carl Hammer Gallery!! You go girl! Check out Ms. Croteau’s website to see all of her fabulous artwork…including our favorite piece made from bottle caps: My Eye.  We have a print of it in our back office…so let us know if you want to take a peek at it:-)


This is our Design Maven’s favorite detail

Our Queen loves the metallic detail!


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