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Written by on September 18th 2014

It’s about that time, it’s about that place, it’s about getting Niloca on your face!

How dreamy are these new Niloca Clockwork series frames? I mean, come on now! They even come in almost all of Eye Spy’s favorite color combinations!


10479060_714317338654158_6777587138137559243_o (1)


Niloca describes this series as being: hard, edgy and a little bit brutal, made from exotic materials gathered from their own trip across the continuum. Designed in Melbourne, with a tip of the bowler hat to timelessness.



The Specs Wrangler has been obsessing over the Clockwork cat-eye in the sky blue…we will see how long she can hold out before ordering that one. Oh wait, she just ordered it!


Times a tickin’… come and try-on these titanium beauties that took a year to be manufactured!


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G’Day to Niloca…Our New Line!

Written by on January 27th 2014


Niloca Pile

We have been waiting (in the freezing cold) for our new line to get here. It sure did take them long enough to get here … perhaps because the goodies came from Australia….or maybe it was a combo of Chiberia and Snowpocalypse. What matters is that  Niloca is here NOW!
With the tag line of “…unsuitable for ubiquitous consumption,” they surely do not disappoint!


Greca. Geric. Grandi frames


“Niloca has a heart or rather 4.  Niloca is a family operation, quite often based at the kitchen table.  There are no aspirations to appease hipsters or mass market saturation, just the supply of interesting eyewear to select independent optical purveyors for the delight of eyewear individualists everywhere.”

Come in and try-on these dreamboats! Pssssst… we are the only ones in the states that have them! Bam!

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Fáilte to Siobhán! (or: Welcome to Siobhan!)

Written by on January 2nd 2014

Serina has left us for Austin, Texas with her husband and baby. . . but, on a happy note, we have a brand-new lady optician in the house!
Siobhan hails from Connecticut and brings 10 years (yes, ten years!) of optician experience with her! She is similar to Serina, in that they both look great in almost every frame that they try-on. Or at least in seems that way so far. Are we jealous? Maybe, but we’ll get over it.  Anywho, we are so lucky to have her joining our team…so let’s meet Siobhan:-)

We quized her a bit to help y’all get to know her a smidge…while she modeled Anne et Valentin Octet.

This cat lady has 4 cats, 14 pairs of glasses and only 2 pair of sunglasses!

What is your favorite thing in the world?

Your house is on fire! What three things do you save?
MY CATS! My boyfriend can get himself out, right?! And the heirloom jewelry that my parents gave me. 

What catches your eye at EYE SPY?
All the funky decorations! It looks like somewhere I would want to live!

If you could be any sea creature what would it be?
Do sea otters count? They are so cute! They sleep holding hands!

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I am afraid of needles. . . (mind you Siobhan is completely covered in tattoos, in her words: she has one big one).  

Do you have a hidden talent?
 I can make a mean vodka body scrub!

Swing in, grab some sale frames, and meet our new lady! We think she’s pretty great!


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New Line Alert: Gentle Monsters

Written by on September 8th 2013

Hey Everyone!!

We’re introducing a new line to the Eye Spy sales floor! Gentle Monster, a line hand-crafted in S. Korea, takes on modern edges with sleek angles. Their business model is built around the motto of “INNOVATIVE EXPERIMENT.” These frames take on attributes of the classics, but with an update. They incorporate interchangeable face-plates and clip-on sunglasses, which make them some of the most diverse frames out there. OH…and we are the only store the United States with this fabulous line!! 

These frames break the mold…literally. Instead of using the traditional injection molding, these pieces of art are actually carved out a sheet of acetate and molded by hand.

So if you’re looking for the classic look with an edgy updated persona…these little monsters are definitely for you!    

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Eye Spy New Frames on Eye Spy Faces!!

Written by on August 16th 2013

Dr. Deana Labrosse and our Optical Chanteuse, Adrienne, have been DYING to show off their new frames. Adrienne has actually had her frames for a while now, but she’s been awfully hard to get a hold of :-)

So without further ado, Eye Spy presents:


Dr. Labrosse in Francis Klein “Birdy”

And Adrienne in Theo “Soixante+Six”


And they are both already dreaming about their next new pair…of course!




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Introducing Eye Spy’s 2013 Lookbook!!

Written by on August 5th 2013

Documented for the Capture the Road,  a cross country photography project by Chris Hershman & Amanda Farmer…Eye Spy’s new video lookbook is nothing short of fabulous! Sit down, relax…and feast your eyes on the hand-crafted eyewear and beautiful scenery.

Capture The Road Presents: An Eye Spy Optical Film from Chris Hershman on Vimeo.


Chris and Amanda are city dwellers and long-time friends with one thing in common; their many passions and talents don’t fit neatly inside “the box”. On July 16th, they took a break from their 9-5s and made a 12-day-long road trip across the country.

Their goal on this journey was to step outside of the box, meet new people, see the countryside, capture beautiful images, and explore the many facets of themselves. This is where they documented their journey as artists, philosophers, travelers, and lovers of people. This is where they captured the road.

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What Glitterz Ain’t Alwayz Gold!

Written by on July 22nd 2013

We here at Eye Spy would like to take a moment to get on our collective soapbox and share some information we find essential to the eyeglass shopper. A lot of folks get caught up in labels. Others think big, recognizable brand means good quality. And in some instances that would be correct. But in the world of eyewear, Gucci doesn’t mean good, and  D&G should stand for dead and gone.

Some of us here have worked in the the corporate driven eyeglass world, where big names mean big sales. Customers drop a lot of $$ just because they want to have Prada written on the side of their head, or gold and crystal encrusted Fendi decals. But my, oh my, how quickly those crystals tarnish and fall off!! And even more frequently, how quickly that spring hinge snaps right out of its socket.

Here’s a little secret: These label frames didn’t come off of a runway in Milan. They were not featured in anyone’s Spring Collection. Heck…they weren’t even designed by the designer whose name is on them! Most of these frames are made the exact same way that those frames you wouldn’t be caught dead in are made. Someone just bought the rights to slap on some glitter and etch a name into the plastic. (By the way, Randy Jackson doesn’t even wear his own line.)

That’s why we at Eye Spy take such pride in our collection of frames. And why we have respect for anyone and everyone who can appreciate them. These frames are actually HANDCRAFTED by experts who only make eyeglasses. And when I say handcrafted, I mean they are designed, created, painted, and decorated by human hands. They are engineered to last and withstand the abuse of the one-handed pull-offers, and the i-sleep-face-down-in-my-frames people.

So, take a peek at this Oliver Goldsmith video to see exactly what handmade eyewear really means…

and forgive our sour-puss faces when you make the mistake of asking if we carry Chanel and the like. It’s just because we like to take care of our customers and adorn their faces with real luxury. :-)

**hops off soapbox**

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Sunglasses Sale Starting Early? What?!

Written by on July 10th 2013

Ok, we know it’s real sunny out there… and typically we have an August sunglass sale. However, this year we decided to mix it up a bit and start it NOW!! Can you believe it?! We know, we can’t really either, but what a treat!  Get some sunnies before you leave for August! Brilliant! The sale will range from 10-40% off!

sunglass sale in july

We might even have some other things on sale…such as our entire collection of Lafont frames!

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Pride Parade 2013!!

Written by on June 5th 2013

Man o’ Man… are we excited about having a float in the Pride Parade this year!! Ok, so maybe it’s an Airstream and not so much of a float… but it’s going to be great!
Eye Spy Airstream

We will be dressed in our best 50’s summer fun attire and handing out some goodies. We are really excited to be in the parade! This will be the Specs Wrangler’s first parade ever…so, she’s a little excited!!  If you would like to come  and march with us in the parade, give us a call 773-477-2670  or email us: parade(at)

The parade will be on Sunday, June 30th from 12-2 pm. We will line-up at 11 am, if you are planning on joining us in the parade. The parade starts at Montrose and Broadway and travels south to Diversey. For more info on the Chicago Pride Parade, click here!

Don’t forget to wear plenty of sunscreen and bring some bevvies;-)



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The Goods are Rolling in from Near & Far!

Written by on May 3rd 2013

The gospel music is playing on Pandora, and the new frames are arriving from Italy, France, Germany and Ohio! Hallelujuh and Amen.

The theme seems to be round, round and more round…but we tried to balance it out as much as we could:-)

Here are just a few pictures of the new frames that arrived the past couple weeks:
Anni Shades straight from Ohio! Wear Wood!

Buonjourno to RES/REI from the mountains of Italy

A few more RES/REI frames from Treviso, Italy

Bonjour to Anne et Valentins from sunny Toulouse

 Anne et Valentin tres jolie titanium frames

 Guttentag to Mykitas from Berlin

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